International Programs

International program consists of three programs. First Tangkas berbahasa which we can learn bahasa Indonesia. Second, Dual program. This program assists you to speak bahasa Indonesia and also deepening your understanding about English. We provide such a comparasion between English and bahasa Indonesia. Third, Native Class program guides you to understand difference cultural background.

1. Tangkasberbahasa

Tangkasberbahasa Is Bahasa Indonesia complete course. This program we can learn, understand about Bahasa Indonesia and also cultural points. We guarantee you can speak bahasa Indonesia after you take full package program.

2. Dual Program

Dual Program is Bahasa Indonesia and English programs. Main aim of this program you can learn bahasa Indonesia and also deepening your English. The other objective reason is we can learn differences Indonesian English. Hence you can communicate eiter English or bahasa Indonesia to Indonesian.

3. Native Class

Native Class is English program which held by our professional native speakers. The Tutor can speak English and Bahasa Indonesia hence it helps a lot.


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